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Web Management in Universities

Web management is a system for supervising an online presence in a controlled & orderly way. The principal benefit is that it delivers the stability you need to focus on digital goals.

This new guide describes the 3-steps every university web team must take in order to create the right processes, roles, responsibilities & team structures that stable operations require.

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Web Governance Framework
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I'm Shane Diffily, the internet's leading specialist on Web Governance. I created these classes as a low cost alternative to in-person training. There are 3 ways to learn: text, video or podcast.

The Framework of Web Governance

The Framework of Web Governance brings together all the disparate elements connected with running a website and organises them in 4 Activities and 4 Resources. Use this framework to audit your own system of online management in order to expose gaps and highlight issues.

» Download Web Governance Framework as a PDF

Web Governance is Broken! (infographic)

Something's wrong with Web Governance. Too much content & too little budget. Too many demands & too little authority. Find out how we got into this mess - and how we can get out of it, with this easy-to-understand Infographic.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Maintenance

This simple guide provides insight to the key tasks of Website Maintenance. Most useful to a new online manager who needs to know what to focus on, this document is abridged from The Website Manager's Handbook Chapter 2.

» Download A Practical Guide to Website Maintenance (PDF)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Website Development

As with the document above, this clearly structured guide introduces the Web Development Cycle, the 8-steps you need to follow to create a new site or redesign an existing online presence. This document is abridged from The Website Manager's Handbook Chapter 3.

» Download A Practical Guide to Website Development (PDF)

Web Content Production Calculator

PDF of the roadmap

The Web Content Calculator can help you plan the time & effort needed to write, migrate and review online content. (Watch a short video about how it works on my blog.)

» Download the Web Content Production Calculator (xls, 50Kb)

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I literally wrote the book on Web Governance and leading companies like Siteimprove have relied on my expertise. You can too.

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Examples of common Web Governance project deliverables

For more about these deliverables, explore my Web Governance services.

A Web Governance Audit [pdf] grades your 'as-is' web operations.

A KPI Dashboard [pdf] measures performance against web goals.

A Web Process Flow [pdf] defines procedures for online tasks.

A Digital Strategy [pdf] explains how a strategy is created (pdf).

Web Governance Framework [pdf] describes how to manage a site.

A Web Governance Manual [pdf] documents a newly agreed system.

Job Descriptions [pdf] defines what staff should & should not be doing.

An Online Style Guide [pdf] sets out how content is written.