The Website Manager's Handbook

The original guide to online management

The Website Manager's Handbook is the original guide to online management. It describes how to create successful operations for any website, intranet or other online venture.

It has sold hundreds of copies & appears on the reading lists of several universities. (Find out more about the author, Shane Diffily).

Need clearer online leadership & a more stable team?

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An essential aid

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Bestselling guide to online management!

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UPDATE Mar 1st 2014 ... From today The Website Manager's Handbook is FREE to all!

The core concepts within the book remain as robust & relevant as ever. However, some of its examples & parts of the narrative have begun to show their age. So, in anticipation of a 2nd edition later this year, until then ... help yourselves!

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A practical manual & work-aid

The aim of The Website Manager's Handbook is to equip you with a practical model for the management and maintenance of your site. Among the issues explored are:

  • How to structure a web team
  • Guidelines for allocating roles & responsibilities
  • A framework for managing maintenance, design & development
  • Advice on selecting web tools & other services

Whether you are a Designer, Developer or General Manager, it provides all the knowledge you need to oversee any aspect of site governance.

"Very clear and well written . . . genuinely useful"

"Very clear and well written...a lot of practical depth...I'm sure that someone managing, particularly a large website, would find it genuinely useful."
Gerry McGovern, leading web-commentator.

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FREE preview: Chapter 2 Website Maintenance

This simple guide provides insight to the key tasks of Website Maintenance. Most useful to a new online manager who needs to know what to focus on, this document is abridged from The Website Manager's Handbook Chapter 2.

» Download A Practical Guide to Website Maintenance (PDF)

FREE preview: Chapter 3 Website Development

As with the document above, this clearly structured guide introduces the Web Development Cycle, the 8-steps you need to follow to create a new site or redesign an existing online presence. This document is abridged from The Website Manager's Handbook Chapter 3.

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The 4 Primary Activities of Web Governance

This A3-sized poster illustrates the 4 Primary Activities of Web Governance: Leadership, Development, Maintenance & Infrastructure. Use this document to see at a glance all the things a Web Manager is responsible for. Also attached is The Web Management Model which describes in more detail the scope of each activity. (Both these documents are extracted from The Website Manager's Handbook.)

» Download The 4 Primary Activities of Web Governance (PDF)
» Download The Web Management Model (PDF)

The Website Manager's Handbook
ISBN 978-1-4116-8529-1
392 pages
9 inches x 6 inches
Copyright © 2006
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Read a biography of author, Shane Diffily.

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Reviews & comments . . .

"Very clear and well written...a lot of practical depth"
Gerry McGovern (author)

"A sound, all-round framework that will help many establish a better management structure."
Inside Knowledge Magazine

"A very useful book...does address a serious gap in the market"
Les Morss (lecturer)

"Excellent. Very comprehensive"
Anthony Hobbs (lecturer)

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