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Web Governance. Just why is it so hot right now?!

Too often 'Web Governance' has been used as a convenient label for just about any operational problem on a website. As a result, it came to mean different things to different people. But this is changing.

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A new Model of Web Governance. (Psst. It actually works!)

The first step in changing Web Governance is often the hardest. Nevertheless, change must happen eventually. The model outlined here provides a starting point for this conversation.

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The 3 elements of Web Governance in detail: Scale, Activity & Resource

The elements of Web Governance are the same on all sites (the same primary activities, the same pillar resources) - it is merely their granularity & sophistication that change. The concept of Website Scale helps you plan for these differences.

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Planning a new system of Web Governance? Start with 'Website Scale'

If you have to create a new system of Web Governance for your own site, there is no need to start from scratch! Simply work out the Scale of your site and build from there. There's lots of patterns to work from. Find out how!

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How to build a successful Web Team

Hire good people and they will generally find clever & innovative ways to get maximum bang for your buck. Yet for all their hard work, more thought often goes into buying some new technology than into creating a good team. This can't go on!

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How to allocate Roles & Responsibilities on a Web Team

On a Web Team where everyone knows what they should (& should not) be doing, nobody has to worry about stepping on a colleague's toes. Find out how to achieve the industrial peace that clearly defined Roles & Responsibilities can bring.

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3-Steps to Healthcheck your Web Governance

Sick with worry about your Web Governance? Popping pills to get some sleep at night? Time to get over it! Use this 3-Step Healthcheck to diagnose whether your Governance is fit for purpose - or in need of urgent treatment.

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