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Masterclass for Web Managers, incl. editable templates ($29.99)

Not only are your budgets always under pressure, but you operate within a set of circumstances different to many other organisations. For example:

Local government is exceptionally diverse
Lots of units do work completely unrelated to each other, e.g. libraries vs. road repair - yet they all need to be catered for online.

It has many special interests
There are many stakeholder groups, councillors, unions & others - & all want a say in your web presence.

And it relies heavily on staff as web publishers
There may be scores of employees from many locations who contribute to online - & more come on-stream all the time.

More importantly, recent years have seen a MASSIVE growth in online ambition, including:

  • Many new sites & social networks
  • Huge content volumes
  • Massive user engagement
  • High user expectations
  • High internal expectations

But this growth has often not been matched by change in Web Management. So, we see issues like:

  • Missing manpower or skills
  • Missing essential tools
  • Redundant roles or structures
  • Unclear decision making authority
  • Unclear leadership

Worst of all, these issues can have very negative knock-on effects, and put you entire online strategy at risk. For example:

Dissatisfied staff
Huge demands & no authority lead to fractious relations & high staff turnover.

Unhappy users
Governance issues lead to delays, errors, uncertainty & poorer web quality.

Anxious managers
Errors & delays put the reputation of your Local Authority at risk - & the public is watching.

Something new is needed!

This new guide describes 5 practical ways an updated Web Governance Framework can help your local authority be more successful online.

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