Website Management & Governance Masterclass

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8 lessons + 90 minutes of video learning + downloadable supports

  • Convince senior managers to support web governance & investment
  • Build the skills, structures, processes & tools your web team needs
  • Minimize conflict & stabilize operations as your website increases in scale
  • Read a summary of all 8 lessons below, download free samples or watch video extracts
  • +450 sold. Most recent to Nicolas in Puerto Rico on 25 Oct

"Very clear and well written ... lots of practical depth ... I'm sure that someone managing a large website would find it genuinely useful." Gerry McGovern, Expert Digital Strategist


Tutorial breakdown...

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Lesson 1: Why web management & digital governance are so important

  • Why online management & governance are so crucial to Competitive Advantage.
  • A new Framework for imposing order on the complexity of online operations.
  • The 3 Key Factors that determine whether your new system will succeed - or fail.
  • FREE: Download Lesson-1 PDF or Lesson-1 eBook or get all for $29.99
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Lesson 2: The basics of web management & digital governance

  • A new way to organize everything you are responsible for as a Web Manager.
  • How to scale-up your management as operations grow in size & complexity.
  • How firms of different size can achieve stable governance.
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Lesson 3: How plan a system of web management that works

  • Scale: The concept that lies at the heart of governance planning.
  • The 3 parameters can predict the type of management you need.
  • How online management increases in granularity as 'Scale' increases.
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Lesson 4: How to track the success of your web management system

  • How to track stability across 3 broad indicators: Online, Operational & Organizational.
  • How new technology can help you get ever better return from your management effort.
  • New ideas for systems & structures that make sense in a growing organization.
Cover of lesson 5

Lesson 5: Creating a new vision for web management as scale grows

  • Learn how to settle ownership, leadership and authority.
  • How to get your Senior Management Team on-board for change.
  • The role of a Web Steering Group in online operations.
  • FREE: Download Lesson-5 PDF or Lesson-5 eBook or get all for $29.99
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Lesson 6: Planning the skills and resources you need to succeed

  • The 4 pillars of web resourcing: People, Processes, Tools & Budget!
  • How to plan a bigger web team, new processes, new procedures, better tools, etc
  • Allocating roles & responsibilities, authority and leadership more fairly.
Cover of lesson 7

Lesson 7: Changing your digital culture & management

  • Making digital transformation work with change management.
  • How to bring staff with you with you with tools, training and time.
  • Manage expectations by preparing for rational, political & emotional responses.
Cover of lesson 8

Lesson 8: Why the digital journey is just starting

  • Explore a new roadmap for planning your own web governance journey.
  • The 3 steps of implementation: Discover, Organise & Optimise.
  • Read the 4 Megatrends of web governance and management.

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Fully-editable template in Word DOC format

  • A 61-page description of a complete web management system.
  • Includes outline descriptions of Policies, Procedures, Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Describes key web activities, as well as tools & technology.
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"If you work on a web team, you need to watch Shane's web masterclass. Clarifying, affirming, practical!" Susanna Guzman, Web Director CFA

I'm Shane Diffily. As a long-standing commentator on Web Governance, I have written extensively on this subject and spoken at events like HighEdWeb. I created these supports as a low cost alternative to in-person training. (about me)

Torben Rytt

"Shane is extremely knowledgeable. His ability to communicate clearly made working with him a no-brainer."

CEO Siteimprove USA
Gerry McGovern

"A lot of practical depth. I think that someone managing a large site would find it genuinely useful."

GERRY McGovern,
Web Content Strategist
Susanna Guzman

"If you work on a web team, you need to watch the Masterclass. Clarifying, affirming, practical!"

Web Director, CFA