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Over the years, I have spoken at numerous conferences and seminars about the challenges of online management ... and I want to do more! Contact me if you would like to arrange a speaking event or read more about me.

Effective content for better government engagement
Hosted by VisibleThread (Dublin, February 2018)

The website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service is one of the busiest in the country.

It also has one of the largest global audiences of any Irish government website. Many of these people do not speak English as a first language.

In this talk, I discuss the two year content upgrade I ran for INIS to rewrite hundreds of web pages into plain English.

Making digital governance work
Hosted by JBoye and GOV.uk (London, October 2015)

It is difficult to think of any collection of people or type of activity that is not underpinned in some way by a system of governance. There seems to be a basic human condition that craves structures for the organisation and management of our collective affairs.

Unfortunately, little thought is ever given to such ideas when it comes to the activities of Website Management. In fact, many firms continue to to believe that the only governance they need is a part-time 'web guy' who will take care of everything.

In my visit to UK Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (hosted by JBoye) I explained why this is so wrong.

3 Steps to Better Web Governance
Hosted by Siteimprove (Webinar, November 2014)

The concept of Web Governance is currently attracting a lot of attention. It seems as if its moment has finally arrived - which is encouraging because until recently few industry commentators or senior managers were interested in the details of managing a website.

The shift to Web Governance highlights a realization that if the trajectory of online experience is to be maintained, a more professional approach to operations is needed.

Web Governance for Government Online
Hosted by Siteimprove (Webinar, September 2014)

Back in 2009, I wrote that many governments would be far better off spending their web budgets "on newspaper ads, on door-to-door visits, on sky writing aeroplanes, on anything" - just not another unsupported website!

The reason is that creating a web presence has become little more than a box-ticking exercise - characterized by grossly inadequate support. In short, failure is "designed-in".

In this presentation, you'll find out how Mike Bracken - Executive Director of Digital for the UK government - has succeeded in changing this narrative.

Download the slides, or click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

» September 2014. Read the original blog post from this webinar with Siteimprove.

Roles and Responsibilities on a Web Team
Hosted by Siteimprove (Webinar, June 2014)

People are the most important part of any system of Web Governance. However, Roles and Responsibilities have not kept pace with changes in online activity. This has led to dangerous gaps in operations, as well as tension among staff.

Download the slides, or click here to watch a recording of the webinar.

» June 2014. Read the original blog post from this webinar with Siteimprove.

Web Governance in Higher Education
Hosted by Siteimprove (Webinar, April 2014)

The challenges of governance in Higher Education are amongst the most onerous of any industry. Indeed, a few years ago I was told: "Shane, if this university was a country, it would last about a week before breaking apart in civil war!" Which sounds funny, but there is a kernel of truth to it...

» April 2014. Read the original blog post from this webinar with Siteimprove.

The New Analytics of Web Management
Hosted by TerminalFour and Siteimprove (T44U, Dublin 2013)

Watch me expand on 'The Weaponization of Web Governance' in this video from T44U 2013 where I spoke at the invitation of Siteimprove. (Download slides.)

» T44U. Dublin, Nov 22nd

How to Govern & Optimise Your Website
Hosted by Siteimprove (London, 2013)

It is a mistake to think that the only things that can go wrong on a website are those that are easiest to measure. Whilst it is relatively simple to track the effects of poor design or content on online performance, what about poor Web Governance? What if your web team is not up-to-the-job? How will you know?

» Siteimprove. Oct 2013

A New Framework for Web Governance
Hosted by Siteimprove (New York, 2013)

In this session we will explore a new framework for Web Governance; one that encompasses everything you need to know about managing your website, intranet or other digital presence. You will learn that the basic elements of Web Governance are the same for every organisation (the same activities & the same resources), all that changes is the granularity & sophistication by which they are implemented.

» HigherEdWeb. Oct 2013

Managing Online Complexity
Hosted by KFW (Ireland, 2013)

Learn how to to design a new configuration of online management that suits your needs. Ultimately, this will lead to better decisions, better quality & better ROI in such critical areas as staffing, technology, budgeting & more.

» KFW Business Seminar, 2013

Being Successful Online
Hosted by KFW (Ireland, 2012)

» KFW Business Seminar, 2012

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