The Website Manager's Handbook

The original guide to online management

The Website Manager's Handbook is the original guide to online management. It describes how to create successful operations for any website, intranet or other online venture.

It has sold hundreds of copies & appears on the reading lists of several universities. (Find out more about the author, Shane Diffily).

The original aid for online managers

Top selling guide to online management!
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Hundreds of copies sold worldwide.
Thousands of previews downloaded.

Gerry McGovernThe Website Manager's Handbook is described by leading commentator Gerry McGovern as "Very clear and well written...a lot of practical depth...I'm sure that someone managing a large website, would find it genuinely useful."

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ISBN 978-1-4116-8529-1. 392 pages. 9 x 6 inches. © 2006

A guide to planning & implementing successful web management

The aim of this new masterclass guide is simple. To equip you with the practical insight and hands-on expertise you need to build a modern system of online control.

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Web Governance Template

A fully-editable document that lists & describes all the practical elements of an online management system, including:
- Roles & Responsibilities
- Processes & Procedures
- Key Activities
- Tools & Technology

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Masterclass for Web Managers, incl. editable templates ($29.99)

3 most recent sales . . .

Nicolas in P.Rico, 25-Oct
Caroline in Canada, 6-Sep
Manme in USA, 18-July

Reviews & comments . . .

"Very clear and well written...a lot of practical depth"
Gerry McGovern (author)

"A sound, all-round framework that will help many establish a better management structure."
Inside Knowledge Magazine

"A very useful book...does address a serious gap in the market"
Les Morss (lecturer)

"Excellent. Very comprehensive"
Anthony Hobbs (lecturer)

Published references...

Research Challenges in Management & Compliance of Policies on the Web
by Kienle & Muller, University of Victoria (Canada)

Global Website: Webdesign im internationalen Umfeld
by Oliver Meidl (Germany)

University reading lists...

University of Northampton
University of the West of England
University College Cork
Napier University (Edinburgh)
National College of Art & Design (Dublin)
Dublin City University

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About Shane Diffily

I am an experienced commentator on web operations. In 2015, I released the web's first online training course in website management and governance. Back in 2006 I published the Website Manager's Handbook, the original guide to online operations. Find out more about me.