Web Governance

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How better governance helps you

Web Governance helps you manage your website in a controlled & orderly way. The principal benefit is that it delivers the stability you need to focus on online goals. Among its other benefits are...

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Get better quality web outputs from improved procedures, better tools & focussed spend.

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Achieve the 'industrial peace' that clear roles bring to a web team.

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Deliver ever better RoI with less risk, through leadership & control systems that work.

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Build stable inter-departmental relationships based on shared priorities.

Something's wrong with Web Governance

Too much content & too many demands. Too little authority & too little budget. Find out what's gone wrong with Web Governance - and how to fix it, with this easy-to-understand Infographic.

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FREE: 14 'how-to' guides to web management

After theory comes practice. Use these practical guides to learn how to manage a site of any scale, from day-to-day maintenance to long term development.

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How I can help you get better governance

I provide Web Governance training, audit & implementation services. How you combine them is up to you. Find out more about my services.

Learn about web governance

Discover all the activities & resources needed to support a successful site.

Build a
business case

Bring executives on board to the benefits of change & the risks of stasis.

Implement your new system

Build a new system with the right people in right roles with the right budget.

Stabilize your web governance

Start using Web Governance as a new factor of Competitive Advantage.

Common deliverables include...

How-to guides to common activities.

Documented processes, standards & workflows.

Detailed roles, responsibilities & job descriptions

A list of required tools & technologies.

Delineation of ownership, leadership & authority.

Recommendations for staff count & skills.

Fully illustrated team structure.

Estimate for required budget.

Ideas for future proofing.

Why me?

As a Web Governance practitioner, I have partnered with Siteimprove & worked with dozens of digital organisations. As a commentator, I wrote the original 'Website Manager's Handbook' & have been published by AListApart.

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"A great project lead ... a pleasure to work with."

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"Very clear and well written...genuinely useful."

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"Shane is strongly focused on project goals."

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"A sound framework that will help many organisations."


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Web Governance in plain English

I am a prolific author on Web Governance with dozens of research articles, commentary pieces & useful downloads ... and it's all free! Explore more in Research & Downloads.

Roles & Responsibilities on a Web Team

On a Web Team where everyone knows what they should (& should not) be doing, all tasks have a go-to-guy and nobody has to worry about stepping on a colleague's toes.

Web governance for local government

Use the new Web Governance Roadmap to work out the distance you have covered on your digital management journey - and what remains to be done.

Better web management in UK universities

If your biggest challenge is making the business case to get started, try the steps outlined in my new guide as a plan of action.